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  • Desi Ghee - Pure Cow Ghee

    Our Organic Ghee is made with 100% organic butter from grass-fed cows

    on small family farms in India. Silky smooth and luscious, our Ghee is the

    real deal!

    Ghee is made by simmering butter over low heat and removing the milk

    solids as they form. The result is a delicious, creamy spread great for

    baking, sauteing and frying and One of the Best Desi Ghee Brand in India.

    Ghee is also a great topping for bread or popcorn. 

    A rich source of essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, Ghee

    has a rich nutrient profile and contains no hydrogenated oil. With a very

    long shelf life, Ghee has many uses outside the kitchen as well:

    • Massage

    • Bath oil

    • Skin care

    • Tired eyes

    • Dry nose

    • Herb carrier

    • Excellent source of essential fatty acids

    • Great for sauteing or frying

    • No milk proteins

    • 500 ml jar contains 50 servings


    Is best for cooking

    Is considered as satvic food

    Contains healthy fat soluble vitamins which aids in the absorption of

    nutrients in foods and are essential for good health

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