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Down to Earth COW GHEE 500 ml


  • QuanticLife Natural Bioproduct Pvt Ltd.

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  • Milk and milk based products have under gone a major transformation in India over the years. While in the ancient times, only pure cow milk was used, most consumers today have no idea about the source and the type of milk that is delivered to their homes. Milk based products too are becoming increasingly suspicious in terms of quality. Clarified Butter, also popularly known as Deshi Ghee, is no exception. 
    To meet the ever-growing demands for the finest quality of milk & milkbased products, Morarka Organic has integrated agriculture and animal husbandry operations at all our organic farms. Here, the milk produced by the cows is collected and processed as per the traditional Indian method. This process involves boiling, curd making, centrifuge and heating to produce Deshi Ghee which is known to have many medicinal properties. 

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