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Tag Nano NPK is a comprehensive eco-friendly certified organic plant food. It is formulated with nano micro-nutrients pro-biotics vitamins seaweed extracts and humic acid. It helps in reducing nutrient deficiency in plants increases the process of photosynthesis and promotes healthy growth.

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  • Tag Nano NPK is an innovative, first of its kind product that combines gluconated fertilizers and Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) '4G' Nano nutrient technologies. Tag Nano NPK is a unique proteino-lacto-gluconate formulation, formulated with organic and chelated micro-nutrients,vitamins, probiotics, seaweed extracts, humic acid besides Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash.


    • Improves overall growth and yield of the crops.
    • Increases rate of photosynthesis and reduces the intensity of chlorosis.
    • Compatible with chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
    • Significantly reduces the dependency on chemical fertilizer.
    • Eco friendly and certified organic product.

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